Types of Airtime

Media buying: More art than science.

TV & Radio airtime is usually purchased on stations with formats that appeal to your potential audience or demographic. The actual blocks are sold in half-hour and 1 hour increments. In reality you technically receive about 26-28 minutes of each hour on radio. TV airtime is always 27:30 or 28:30, this never changes.

Most radio airtime is purchased on the weekend during daylight hours. Television offers mostly weekends and a lot of early morning/overnights. You may certainly purchase Monday-Friday 5x per week, but the amount of content required is labor intensive. Buying airtime requires you to think outside of what is normally considered to be a prime slot. You may end up with a time slot that is very early, which performs well for the price. We typically negotiate a contract which is a package and may include weekly promos and an online presence with the station. You become one of their programmers.

When seeking the top station in your market patience is often times rewarded.

Your TV or Radio airtime purchase will depend on several factors:

  • Is the station ranked or shown prior results?
  • What is your monthly budget?
  • Which stations will accept paid programming?
  • What time period is for sale?
  • Airtime costs

For many reasons, a media buyer is critical to your success. As media buyers we don’t just buy airtime. Our agency owns and controls airtime thereby guaranteeing you access to preferred time slots which arent obtained direct from the station. On many occasions we deal with the managers and owners of a station.

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National Networks

  • The Church Channel
    Most Bang for the Buck - $1200-$2000
  • WORD Network
    $800-$2,400 - 82 Million HH
  • Travel Channel
    $3,000 - 87 Million Homes
  • ION Network
    $4,500 - 96 Million Homes
  • FOX Business Channel
    $450-$4,000 - 64 Million HH's

International Networks

  • United Kingdom
    TBN UK, CBS Reality UK
  • Middle East
    Starworld, METV, God TV
  • India
    Zee TV
  • Africa
    DSTV & Many Stations
  • Philippines
    NBN (PTV4)
  • Australia
    NET 7, 10, 4ME
  • New Zealand
    TV1, TV3, Prime
Australia Canada United Kingdom India Phillippines New Zealand